Hey friends how are you doing?

It has truly been a HOT minute since I’ve written a post, no this isn’t a comeback post BUT I will be posting here and there when something interesting crops up.

Recently I have been trying to make healthier meals and cutting down on the number of carbs (because right now it seems like EVERY meal is carb city) so I started researching recipes.

Last week I went to Aldi and spent £38.76 on the weekly shop and thought it would be nice to share what meals I made with the ingredients I purchased. I also tried out a few of the new recipes I found I wanted to share them with you alongside my general thoughts.


I called this the ‘lazy’ Sunday roast because I didn’t roast my own meat, the only thing I made from scratch was the roast potatoes (because they are the best).

Items purchased:
White potatoes – 91p
Gravy granules – 79p
Yorkshire Puddings – £1.49
Sliced beef – £1.79
TOTAL: £4.98

We had veg with it too but we already had some in the freezer, however, if I had purchased some it would have cost £1.05 for 4x steam bags.

I believe directions are not needed to create this dish, it’s all pretty straight forward but if you would like to make the potatoes the way I have click here for the recipe.

bbq pulled chicken burger

This is a firm favourite of mine because it’s delicious and requires such little effort for a big quantity.

Items purchased:
Coleslaw – 75p
Chicken breasts – £3.35
BBQ sauce – £1.15
Brioche buns – 89p
TOTAL: £6.14

This excludes any seasoning you might use as I assume most if not everyone will have seasoning as standard. We already had frozen chips at home but you could also make your own with the potatoes used for the Sunday roast which is a win-win.

The main part of this meal is of course the BBQ pulled chicken. I make this in the slow cooker so it is literally a matter of dumping everything into the slow cooker, mixing it up and leaving it to cook.

Click here for the recipe I follow for the pulled chicken. You can always increase the portion if you need more but this creates PLENTY.

steak and broccoli

This recipe was one of the low carb dishes I wanted to try, the recipe is only for the steak and broccoli but I added some bulgar wheat as a rice substitute as it is a better carb than rice and actually tastes pretty good.

Items purchased:
Thin beef steak – £2.79
2x Broccoli – 94p
Lemons – 69p
TOTAL: £4.42

Again, I already had some of the ingredients such as garlic, butter and soy sauce (I have an absurd amount of soy sauce…don’t ask) but if you needed soy sauce it would only set you back a further 49p.

If you wanted to pick up bulgur wheat too it’s £1.15 in Tesco (or you could just have rice).

Click here to see the recipe if you would like to give it a go.

sweet potato lasagna

Lastly, this was another low carb option, a good old lasagna but instead of pasta, the recipe substitutes for sweet potato.

This dish wasn’t bad, it was very nice but I don’t think I would do it again simply because it does take longer to cook than a normal lasagna to make sure the potato is nice and soft, but also, as you can see from the image, it doesn’t resemble a lasagna it kind of falls apart.

Items purchased:
3x Sweet potatoes – £1.74
2x Lasagna sauce – 98p
Beef mince – £2.59
Onion – 55p
Cheese – £2.49
TOTAL: £8.35

Cheese isn’t normally on my list only if we are running out, same with onions so these may not apply to you if you already have these at home.

I also added my own twist by adding tomato puree and Worchester sauce to give it more flavour.

The recipe I followed makes everything from scratch but I really don’t have time for that during the week so I used jar sauce for the red and white sauces.

If you would like to give this a go you can click here to follow the recipe but honestly, you could just make it like a normal lasagna and layer sweet potato slices instead of pasta sheets.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s a little different than my usual content, let me know if you would like more of these recipe idea posts in the comments. Until next time x