It’s Sunday and it’s time for the final two tips on how to furnish your house on a budget.

The last two tips are fairly simple so I wanted to roll them into one.

Gift Lists

This is THE number one tip if you are getting married – make use of your gift list!

Many companies allow you to create a list of things you would like to be gifted with which you can share with your guests. This is especially helpful because 1. you don’t get unwanted gifts and 2. if people are stuck for ideas, they can choose something from your list!

When I got married I used the gift list from John Lewis, it was quick and easy but also allowed people get us gift cards (we got loads).

I would really advise any people that are getting married soon to open a gift list as it really helps. You can get some useful items for your home for nothing! You can even add honeymoon contributions – amazing right?

Other companies in which you can open gift lists are:

The last resort…

This tip may be controversial and I do not endorse it if you are irresponsible with money for cannot afford it. This tip is if the situation is dire.

0% finance credit.

When myself and my husband got our house, quicker than we expected due to certain situations, he had to move in, but there was no bed!

At the time, Dreams were doing 0% interest on beds for 9 months. Due to the fact we needed a bed fast we bought it on finance and made sure we paid it off in time.

This way, you can get larger purchases even if you do not have the means to buy it fully upfront. I would really advise to save up to make these purchases, but this is for those urgent, last minute purchases.

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