What’s up guys! I hope you’ve been enjoying this series of posts, but we aren’t done yet. There are still more tips on how to furnish your house on a budget.
I want to share a host of other stores where you can pick up the little items you need (or just want) for your home.

Asda (or any supermarket)

Surprisingly, Asda has some nice items at really good prices. I grabbed a couple of bits when they were having a sale which meant some things were better priced than in other stores.
One advice I can give when buying things such as microwaves and kettles is to shop around. You’re likely to find a better deal than just buying the first one you see.
Supermarkets are also starting to have some nice decorative pieces for the home it’s definitely worth checking out!

Toaster | Kettle (but in plain black)| Microwave


If you don’t know about Wilko, then I’m not sure where you have been (if you live in the UK). Wilko is the best place to get items for less – I purchase most of my home buys from there, including washing and cleaning items.

Mop Bucket| Dustpan & Brush| Mop

These are just a few items I purchased. I also got a clothes dryer, ironing board, kitchen accessories such as coasters, food prep utensils and various cleaning accessories.
The choices are endless. You can usually find some useful things so if you live in the UK or you ever visit, check it out. They also do beauty, garden and lighting.

Currys & Argos

Currys and Argos are great for tech goods, especially Currys.

Always keep an eye out for any sales they may haven because you can grab a bargain. We’ve got a fridge, built in oven and hob from there at an amazing price.

Another tip, is to not always go for the name brands, sometimes the home brands look and do just as good a job for a fraction of the price.

Other great stores!

I can’t finish this post without mentioning a few other stores where you can find good quality items (and some quirky) for a decent price.

John Lewis and Primark are good places to start. I had a few vouchers for John Lewis and was pleasantly surprised with the items they had in store and the price.

Again, I opted for the home brands which work just as well but for a lower price.

Primark has also stepped it up when it comes to their homewares. Decorative items and soft furnishings, you can find some very stylish bits in there.

Another store worthy of a mention is Tiger Stores. I don’t believe this store is very well known, but, if you have come across it, they do have some quirky and interesting items.

If you do ever pass by one, go in and have a look around you may be surprised with what you will find.

Last but not least, ASOS have recently launched a homeware section! But I must warn you, once you take a look you will want to buy everything.

#Tip 4 is to shop around, don’t just buy everything from one shop. You probably can find the same thing, or similar somewhere else for less money.

What stores do you like to shop in for homewares? Let me know in the comments!

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