New week, new post, new tip for all those who are on a budget.
Today I want to talk about making use of items from your old home – this can save you a whole bunch of money!
When moving to a new home, you often want all new stuff right? Well, that stuff comes at a price. Unless you have disposable income for those purchases it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get what you would like.
When I moved home there were some pieces of furniture that were really needed such as bedside tables, chest of drawers, TV, bedding etc.
Good thing myself and my husband had some items in our previous homes that were in good condition and weren’t going to be used by anyone else.

Chest of drawers & bedside tables

If I am being completely honest, I wanted new ones. Nice clean white ones. But with no money to buy them using my old ones was the best idea.
Simple wooden bedside drawers and one chest of drawers which have provided invaluable storage space for clothes and other misc items.


We both had TV’s in our bedrooms, his, much larger and so was perfect to be used as the living room TV. My smaller one was placed in our bedroom.
Not only this but we were also offered ANOTHER TV by someone who no longer needed it but we gave this to my mum for her use.


Again, not the shelves I would have liked but I had an unused wooden shelf in my previous home (its free standing).
This was placed in our living room to be used to store books and decorative items. Eventually, I am likely to get new shelves, probably floating ones, but until then the one we have does the job.

Bedding, duvets, pillows and other misc items

Seems obvious but if you have good bedding (duvet covers, bottom sheets, pillow cases etc.) at home, take them with you. There is no need to buy new ones if they are in good condition and this also goes for duvets. I had recently got a new duvet so taking it with me was a no-brainer.
If you have good pillows too you can also take those with you. Ours weren’t so great so we got new ones as they came as an offer with our new bed.
#tip3 is that if you do not have the means to buy all new furniture, look around at home and see what you can take with you. Is it good quality? Can you re-purpose an item? Can that item do what you need it to do until you can afford a new one?
I am sure that if you look around your homes before you move you will find many items that can be of use and come in handy.
This doesn’t mean you should take all the clutter from your old home and bring it to the new one. See what is useful and practical and can be used again. Of course, these tips are for those who are moving into an unfurnished house. Ours didn’t even have curtain poles lol!
Next post I will be talking about shopping around for all those misc items you need in a home but may forget about.

Would you like a free list of essentials to help see what you might be missing in your new house? Let me know in the comments!

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