Happy Sunday all! I hope you are doing well, we’re continuing from the last post for all those on a serious budget.

In my last blog post, I spoke about looking out for freebies or heavily discounted items for your house. In this post, I am going to highlight some places you can get good quality crockery for your house within a good budget.

We were fortunate enough that my sister BLESSED us greatly with cutlery, mugs, glasses, plates, bowls and a few other bits all from IKEA.

We also recently added some furnishings to our house also from IKEA so I wanted to share the bits we got from there (purchased and gifted). We’ve not had any issues with our items from IKEA and they have proven to be very long lasting and durable.

I must add – you can get some good bits from other retailers but that will be covered in a later post.

Mugs & Glasses

IKEA 365+ glasses – £3 for 6 pack

These glasses are very durable, the glass is quite thick, apparently they can also hold hot drinks (who knew)? The ones we have are very big lol, the glasses are quite huge and can hold a good amount of liquid.

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VÄRDERA Mug – £1.50 each 

Simple standard mugs but also quite stylish in a minimalist way – easy to clean stains don’t tend to stick easily to them and they feel very sturdy and of good quality.

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Plates, Bowls & Cutlery

FLITIGHET 18-piece service – £16

I’m a sucker for minimalist things and this plate set is very simple, get does the job, it comes with 4 bowls, 4 plates & 4 side plates – not bad for £16 

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BUBBLOR 24-piece cutlery set – £12

Not the style I would have chosen but very grateful all the same, quirky style of cutlery, sturdy and strong. The set come with four of each type of cutlery – fork, knife, tablespoon and teaspoon.

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Coffee Table, Rug & Seat Pads

LACK Coffee table – £16

We were so close to getting a different table but when I saw this for £16 I was sold! Very easy to put together- solid and easy to wipe clean. My favourite feature is the shelf under the tabletop. I had seen similar tables that were wayyy more expensive so for me, this was a steal.

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STOPP Anti-slip underlay – £2.50 per pack

Not much to say here but this is to put under your rug to stop it slipping and moving on the floor, especially if you have wooden or laminate flooring.

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HAMPEN Rug, high pile (133 x 195 cm) – £30

Again, if you look else where rugs are so expensive! This rug it quite soft, very easy to clean and is quite a decent size. I was worried at first it would be too small or not big enough but it is perfect. They do have other colours in this range I just happened to choose the beige one.

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MALINDA Chair cushion – £4.50

We purchased these because our dining chairs are quite hard (and because the paint got scratched off one…) – these cushions are comfy to sit on and make a huge difference.

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Misc Items

STÄM Peeler – 95p

Standard peeler, easy to use and easy to clean.

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STÄM Can opener – £1.75

I can’t lie…this can opener is a bit tricky to use (but I’m no good with can openers anyway lol) it’s good for what it is but I want to get an electric opener…so much easier.

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LEGITIM Chopping board – £1.50

Again, standard, good quality, easy to clean – does the job!

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#Tip 2 – IKEA is a great place to get affordable, stylish and good quality home essentials especially when you have just moved into your first home

These are the items I personally have but I am sure if you have a look around you will find other items you like better or that you would like to purchase (I saw a whole bunch but my husband kept the purse strings tight lol)

The next post will be all about making use of items from your old home, stay tuned!

*all pictures were taken from the IKEA website for accuracy 

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