In August 2017 myself and my husband completed on our first property bang in the middle of planning and paying for our wedding. If that wasn’t stressful enough, the flat was unfurnished so we had to find a way to make it habitable with a tiny budget in 7-months.

With that said, I will be sharing tips on how we managed to do it. Some of these ways may not be possible for you but some will. I hope it will help any who may be moving into a new, unfurnished home in the future.

I have many tips and ideas to share which would make this post very long. To break it up, in each post over the next few weeks, I will share one tip on how we and you can furnish a property on a tight budget.

Freebies/quick bargains

This one may be tricky for some as they may not have these sort of contacts.

My husband works in the property field and there were a few times where the opportunity of free furniture or heavily discounted furniture came up.

This was due to tenants moving out and not wanting certain pieces so the company was putting them up for sale.

These pieces were all under 1 year old so we jumped at the chance. All we had to pay for was the transport to pick up and drop off the items. Through this, we managed to bag a sofa (I think we paid £50 for it) and a dining table with 3 chairs.

Another piece we gained was a TV stand. A good friend of mine offered it to us as they no longer had a use for it.

It was in an almost new condition and all we needed to do was get the TV stand from her to our place.

#Tip 1 – be on the lookout for anyone you may know who is looking to move or is selling furniture that is in good condition. You can also use apps like Shpock where people sell items discounted in and around your area. 

I know you may be thinking ‘but Jo I’m a bit funny about used stuff, how can I know if it’s ok to use/clean etc’.

Trust me, I hear you, I was the same but if you inspect the product and it’s in good condition if it saves you a few pounds until you can buy a new one what’s the harm? You can always get it cleaned if it’s REALLY going to bug you.

In my next post I will be talking about the essentials of any home…cups, plates and cutlery (I mean how can you live in a house without them?)

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