Last month I was treated to a lovely birthday trip to Cyprus (go hubby!)
If you follow me on Instagram, it’s pretty old news (if you don’t follow me yet what are you waiting for? Join the fun!)
I have plenty of Cyprus filled content lined up to share with you all but I want to start off by sharing some points about Cyprus that you should keep in mind before travelling there.
Again, I just want to add that I did not travel to many parts of Cyprus so there is still much to explore, but this and following content is mostly centred around Ayia Napa which is where we stayed.
A car is your best means of transport in Cyprus
If you want to get anywhere in Cyprus I would strongly advise you hire a car. They have buses that also go from the airport but they could a really long time to get to your destination. Just to give you an idea, a bus from the airport to the hotel would take over 1 hour where as driving was around 30 mins max.
They also have some other fun ways to travel but that is when you are going more local such as quad bikes and buggy’s.
Unfortunately we did not have a hire car (boo) and Uber does not work in Cyprus either, however, the ‘Uber like’ app Bolt does cover parts of Cyprus and worked for us so this is also a great option.
Keep in mind that they are not as frequent as London so you may have to wait a while for one to come or none may be available at all. Also, if you are a new user to Bolt and you use someone’s code you get €10 off your first ride and then the other person also gets €10 when the ride is complete! Save those coins people.
Another taxi service I came across was GetTransfer, which was cheaper than Bolt so check this one out as well to see if they can slash the price.
One other piece of advice I would give regarding transport is to avoid the taxi drivers that hang outside the airport.
For one they looked quite dodgy, two it seems like they just make up the price on the spot and three they are significantly more expensive than the above mentioned taxi firms based on the price they gave us compared to the app.

There are cats EVERYWHERE

This is a bit of a random one and Cyprus is not the only place where I have experienced this (it must be a European thing) but there are cats lurking everywhere!
They will walk around and sit near you while you are eating and, if you give them the slightest look, they will sit and start staring at you.
I have to be honest, they are quite cute especially the kittens, but even at the hotel they walk around and some are even be brave enough to wander inside.
My top tip here – ignore the cats, maybe don’t touch them because you don’t know if they are pets or strays.
Also, don’t feed them, then they definitely wont leave you alone.

Cyprus is an upgraded London

I call it upgraded mainly because the weather is better but something I found really interesting is that they use the same plug ports as London AND they drive on the same side of the road too!
I know it’s probably a bit sad that I find that interesting but it is a good thing to note down for anyone who is thinking of visiting Cyprus.
Chuck those adaptors away people! (or at least while you visit Cyprus) for your 3 pin plugs will work as normal (celebratory cheers all round).

It’s pretty much sunny all year round

This is my absolute favourite thing about Cyprus is that they have around 326 days of sunshine a year. Comparing that to London’s average of 164 days that is not too shabby. Considering we travelled in November it was a good 26 degrees with clear skies practically everyday.
Make sure you check the weather before you travel especially during out of season times JUST in case so you can pack accordingly.

All the restaurants tend to have similar pricing

Majority of the restaurants we checked out while we were there all had similar pricing. There were a few that were more pocket friendly* but the majority of restaurants are quite mid-ranged in terms of pricing.
*I will be doing a separate post on this.

Fresh fish is a speciality 

Some of the more frequent dishes you will come across are fish-based which, if you are not a fish fan maybe isn’t that great.
You can find alternatives (like a good ‘ol kebab) but if you are a down right lover of all things fish then the restaurants around will be right up your street.

I hope these pointers helped anyone who is planning or thinking about travelling to Cyprus, specifically the Ayia Napa area.
Have you been to Cyprus before? Drop your top tips below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel and lifestyle content.
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