Why hello there! How are you? I hope you have been keeping well. It’s been a while but I am determined to get back on the blog bandwagon. 

Before I get into this post I just wanted to highlight that I will be posting once every 2 weeks to help me remain consistent.

I also have a Youtube channel! Please go and check it out. Right now, it just consists of travel vlogs but I plan to expand on the content.

Feel free to let me know what you would like to see me film I am up for taking it on board.

Without further ado – onto the post!

Off-peak season is roughly from November-March and majority of my travels occur in these months for various reasons.

While there can be many perks for travelling during the quieter months which I will cover in another post, there are some negatives.

I’ve listed below 4 cons to travelling off-peak, I hope you enjoy!

Majority of places are closed

The first thing to consider is that many restaurants, supermarkets and hotels either have reduced opening hours or just close down altogether.

I faced this disappointment recently in Cyprus when this absolutely banging looking burger place was, you guessed it, closed.

Even though Google will say it is open, it’s not. So don’t rely on Google to give you the correct information or you will make a wasted trip.

My advice would be to try and call the place, ask someone or, if it’s not too far to walk, take a trip down there and check.

The weather can be varied

Probably a bit of an obvious one but, depending on where you go, the weather could be a bit hit and miss.

There are places that have really good weather all year round but even they are susceptible to varied weather conditions. It might be worth doing your research before you travel anywhere, anytime, not just during the off-peak season.

Another thing to add is that, especially in Europe, it gets dark very early which could drive you in earlier than planned.

The temperature also drops in the evening no matter how hot it is during the day.

During my trip to Cyprus in November the days were hot averaging 26 degrees. Once the sun went down, the chill increased and you definitely needed to go out in a jacket.

Activities close down

If you were planning to do water sports or other activities, bear in mind that these also may be closed.

Even if the temperature is still hot, it’s still considered winter and so many activities tend to close up shop.

Shops that hire out dirt bikes or the like also tend to close earlier than usual.

So if you are planning or book any activities for your journey just make sure you check their opening hours or if they are even open at all.

It can feel deserted

This one is a pro and a con but areas can feel quite deserted. Streets tend to be emptier with only senior people around in hotels & the streets.

This means there areas tend to not be as lively which is great if you just want a quiet holiday but not so great if you are out and need some help especially if you travel alone.

Could you relate to any of these downsides? How did you deal with them? Are there any you would add? Let me know in the comments.

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