2018, The Round-Up

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It’s a new year and I’m officially 27! I admit I was supposed to write this a lot sooner, but life has been hectic. That kind of sums up my triumphant return to blogging which has also seemed like a bit of a fail, but we will get there!

When my birthday comes around I like to reflect on my year and the year to come, which works out well since its close to the new year, that means I get a head start.

What I’ve Learnt

One of the things I have learnt this year is to be patient and trust God. Something very hard for people to do these days with the culture of fast food, fast deliveries, fast transport – everyone wants to get things fast. But we need to practice patience because things that come fast will also leave fast.

Practical real-life example – This year I was made redundant, out of the blue. Being newly married with a mortgage to pay this cause anxiety and worry to rear their ugly heads. Despite the instant shattering I felt wondering what was going to happen next, I started to invest in a project that has been one I’ve wanted to do for a while, thus The BEBEU Initiative was born (Click here to find out what we do and follow our work.)

After applying to what felt like 100 jobs with NO success I found employment. Patience and trust in God is KEY!

What I am Grateful For

This year I am grateful for love, friends and family.

Firstly, I got married (cue applause). I moved home and left behind dear friends who are missed greatly (of course I keep in touch but from seeing them multiple times a week to hardly ever is difficult). But the one thing I can say is that everyone was supportive. During wedding planning, moving home, leaving everything that was familiar to me behind, they were there. My family, friends and my husband are people I cherish and hold dearly.

They are the kind of people who are there for you in every season and never change despite distance – thank you to all of you, you know who you are.

What I am Looking Forward To This Year

The next chapter of my life brings new challenges that I am ready to face. I am looking forward to building my home, investing in myself and in the projects that we have before us. I look forward to helping grow the Kingdom of God in many ways.

Helping women, holding and planning events, being BOLD and not being afraid to ask. Becoming a woman of excellence, a woman who knows no boundaries and does not hold herself back.

You could call it a butterfly moment where 2019 is the time for me to come out of the cocoon.

What about you? Have you made time to reflect on your year or are you yet to do so? I would love to know the things you’ve learned, what you are grateful for and what you are looking forward to in the coming year.

Share in the comments OR if you have a blog all about it share the link to the post below, I would love to have a read.


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